Expedición Guaraní is a race created by and for adventure racers. Therefore, our main objective is to design a technical and demanding course for the top teams, but also dynamic and affordable for slower teams, without forgetting to offer fun stages with attractive landscapes. The route will be full of contrasts, as it will pass through varied terrain such as mountain areas, atlantic forest, serpentine rivers...

Some control points (CPs) and transition areas (TAs) of the race are mandatory. Other ones are optonal and the team will decide to visit them or not. Moving to another activity or checking in (take the photographs) another section’s CP without previously having passed through the corresponding TA is not allowed.


There will be several cut offs along the course (defined in the RaceBook). Our aim is that as many teams as possible are able to reach the goal and therefore we have enabled these cut off zones, in order to allow the lagging teams to cut part of the course and reach the finish line and not miss the final party.  


To complete the full course all TAs have to be visited and all CPs have to be validated along the course and up to the finish line. The TAs’ visits and CPs’ checks have to be validated by the corresponding system. 


If a team skip a CP, either on its own decision or due to a cut off, it will still be competing, however, it will be ranked behind the teams that have managed to arrive longer in the race. For ranking purposes among these teams, it will be taken into account the number of CPs or TAs that the teams have reached without interruption. 


Teams that do not reach the finish line at the established time will stop racing at the exact place where they are at that moment. These teams will have to return on their own or with the aid of the organization if necessary. Their relative position to other teams will be decided by the number of check points achieved or by analyzing the track if necessary.

There won´t be mandatory stop during the race, so teams will manage their own rest. Maps will be delivered minutes before the race starts, once the teams are free from mobile devices.


The ARWS has a list of standard equipment for all races, which you can see here.
For Expedición Guaraní 2019, many of these elements will be mandatory, but there are also some that are not necessary due to the climate of the area and others that are not on the ARWS list, which are mandatory for EG2019. The list of the equipment that will be needed in the race will be shown soon.


Expedición Guaraní is governed by the ARWS and ARWC rules.



Three bulletins will be published before the race, in which important aspects to be taken into account will be detailed to prepare the race adequately.

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