ARWC 2020


ARWC 2020




To participate in ARWC 2020 Paraguay, teams must complete the Registration Form with the data of the team and its members. 

Once the form is completed, and to formalize the registration, team must make the payment within one of the Registration deadlines. Teams will appear in the list of registered teams once they have completed the payment.

PRices and terms

  • Standard price: USD4500 per team - from December 1st, 2019 to April 30th, 2020

  • Final price: USD5200 per team - from May 1st, 2020 to July 31st, 2020

    Registration will be closed on July 31st, 2020 or upon reaching the teams limit, 50 teams.




  • Transfers to and from Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, Asuncion (ASU).

  • Transfers from the HQ to the competition area.

  • Welcome dinner and open ceremony.

  • Bicycle mechanic service before and during the race.

  • Bicycle cleaning after the race.

  • Food and drink (hot and cold) in transitions.

  • Logistical support for the race (no assistance required).

  • Special equipment: kayaks, ropes ...

  • Official race bib.

  • Commemorative T-shirt .

  • Commemorative buff.

  • Waterproof and updated maps, passport and waterproof Racebook. One set.

  • GPS live tracking of the team during the race.

  • Finisher medal for those who reach the finish line.

  • Prizes for the first three classified in the official categories.

  • Prizes for the first Master and the first Young teams

  • Dinner and final party of the race.

  • Photos and videos of the race.

  • Basic medical assistance during the race


accommodation PACKage


The organization offers a special accommodation package to all teams that want to stay at the official hotel of the race on September 9, 10, 11 and 19. Place where, in addition, all official events before and after the competition will be held.

Teams that wish to stay in the official hotel of the race may include, at the time of registration and the corresponding payment, the Pack Accommodation option.

Pack1: 4 nights accommodation and breakfast on the dates indicated, for 4 people in a room with 2 twin beds: USD300, per team (4 people).

Pack2: 4 nights accommodation and breakfast on the dates indicated, for 4 people in two rooms with 2 twin beds each: USD500, per team (4 people).

Registered teams

Participation Requirements



In Expedición Guaraní, we receive with open arms all the teams of 4 people who want to enjoy a real adventure in Paraguay. Teams that do not have at least one competitor of the opposite sex; teams formed by athletes of different nationalities... can participate in Expedición Guaraní 2020, although they will not enter the official classification of the ARWC2020.


For a team to qualify in the ARWC, there must be at least one male member and one female member.


For a team to qualify in the ARWC, at least 3 of the 4 members must be of the same nationality or reside in that country. Competitors will have to prove their nationality when registering for the race. The organization will verify that the passports are valid and issued by the country representing the team. Competitors representing their country of residence (if different from their passport), must show proof of proper residence. Each team participating in the ARWC will represent only one designated country, being the nationality of the majority of the team members.

The format of a team name will be adapted to the ARWC to include, first, the name of the country that represents the team, and then it can be followed by the names of the sponsors, for example, team of:
PARAGUAY - Sponsor X.
There is no limit of teams that represent the same country.

The following are compulsory pre-requisites that teams/individuals must have before they will be permitted to compete in the event. It is up to you to ensure you fulfill the requirements below:

  • Each team member must have travel insurance covering medical costs including medical transportation for an injury sustained during a competitive event

  • A minimum of two members of the team must have at the time of the race a first aid qualification appropriate for the activities undertaken in the event or other appropriate and relevant training and/or experience in first aid (must be outlined at race registration). Senior first aid certificate with resuscitation is acceptable.

  • Agree to the conditions, declarations, and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgment Waiver and Release form and are willing to sign this at race registration.


short course


That you have always wanted to participate in the ARWC but you think that you and your team do not have enough level to complete the course of a race as demanding as this?

Don't worry, this is your chance. We are preparing a shorter course for teams that are in this situation. A shorter route, but sharing the start line with the top teams and crossing the same finish line. Teams that want to start the race with this option, will only have to indicate it at the time of registration and on the day of the race they will receive a specific racebook for their course. These teams will always rank behind all the teams that have started the Full Course.

Anyway, as in past editions, in the long course (Full Course) time cut offs will be established to prevent the slower teams from being able to cross the finish line in the stipulated time. Starting in the long race, therefore, does not force you to make the full course, nor does it leave you out of the race if you do not reach the time cut offs.

Special fees


Winners of an ARWS qualifier race in 2019 and 2020 (until the celebration of ARWC 2020 Paraguay) will have a guaranteed place and paid registration (without extras or accommodation) for the ARWC 2020.

In the situation that a winning team of a Qualifier already holds a free entry (e.g. from winning a different Qualifier race prior) then the free entry is passed to the next eligible team as if they were the winner.

*Under no circumstances may a free entry of a winning team in a qualifier race be transferred if the winning team decides not to participate in the ARWC.

**If a qualified winner has already paid the registration to ARWC2020 Paraguay, that fee will be refunded.

***Qualifier winners must race the AR World Championship with a minimum of two members of the team who won entry.


National teams can register by filling in the registration form and sending an email to to receive information on how to make the payment to finalize the registration process.



  • A Return of 85% with a cancellation notice until January 31st, 2020

  • A return of 50% with a cancellation notice until May 1st, 2020

  • No refunds after May 1st, 2020

¿looking for a team?

If you want to participate in the Expedición Guaraní ARWC2020 and you do not have a team, write to and we will help you with the search for a team or racer.


Ana Mihalj (Canada)

Female, Canadian Rockies, 36, looking for a non elite team.

Ultra running experience: completed 6 day coastal challenge costa rice, fatdog 70 miler, Maderia 55 Skyrace, Old Gabe 50, Elkvalley Ultra 50.

AR: Raid International Gaspe 300, Mind over Mountain-times 2, Run the Wild

Rock climbing and moutaineering experience and lots of mountain biking including Crowsnest 100

Fees are no problem. 

Gloria Sobrero (Spain)

Rê Mariani (Brazil)



bank transfer



Intermediary (56 A) CHASUS33



Account with Inst. (57 A) UBBRPYPX

ABA   021000021

Banco Itaú Paraguay S.A.

Asunción, Paraguay

Benefic. Customer (59) Account N° 410006694

Gustavo Luis Borgognon Montero

Send the receipt to

Through the online store*
*Payment in EUROS.*
*Prices in euros may change, due to the exchange rate.


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