15-25 SEPTEMBER 2022


Race Director - Urtzi Iglesias Mota


Urtzi Iglesias has more than 20 years involved in the world of adventure racing, first as a racer and in recent years also as organizer. As VidaRaid team captain has achieved numerous victories in the World Series (Ecomotion, Costa Rica AR, Untamed New England, Gold Rush Mother Lode, ARJ Japan, Huairasinchi, Oregon...) and he came 2nd and 3th in some of the last World Champs. Urtzi is also a lover of orienteering racing, on foot and mtb, discipline in which has won three championships in Spain in recent years.


He started as organizer more than 10 years ago with the organization of the first adventure race held in the Basque Country and the subsequent creation of the Columbia Raid Series. After 6 editions like race director in Expedición Guaraní and 2 in Basque Expedition Race, now comes the opportunity to face a new challenge, designing the course for the World Championship, and its aim is clear: "I want to design a real expedition race, with long and challenging stages. The Navigation is one of the most important points to be considered by the teams. My commitment is to work to provide quality maps and updated as much as possible. "

Commercial Director - Alba Legal  González

Producer and event organizer, with more than 10 years of experience in different types of organizations. Mountain ultra runner since 2010 and adventure racer since 2012.

Member of the Adventure Club of Paraguay 2015-2017.

In her daily life she combines her work with a full time mom of Ana 17 years Alejandra 15 and Andrés of 3 years old (The true adventure of every day).

Expedición Guaraní motivates her because, as well as in an adventure racing, each racer has a role, the work is as a team.  She likes to participate in her experience as a competitor and organizer of events to be able to offer each racer the experience of a race with good services since its registration, offering warmth in the treatment of the entire team, pampering with details and combined with the magic of the designed circuit, promising an unforgettable race.

General Manager - Gustavo Borgognon

Gustavo Borgognon started running short adventure racing in Paraguay in 2001, in 2008 he participated for the first time in a 4 day expeditizon race and in the year 2011 he participated for the first time in a ARWS race, from that day, he wanted to organize an expedition race in Paraguay: "When I decided to organize a 4 or 5 days race in Paraguay, I realized that I must first gain experience as a runner, to know how they think, and the details that make the success or failure of a race".


So, from February 2013 to August 2014 he participated in 6 expedition races, all of them from ARWS, including the last world championship in Costa Rica, in these races he met Urtzi Iglesias, whom he ran together Itera (Wales 08/2014), reaching the forth position, being the first foreign team to reach the goal, after this experience Urtzi and Gustavo decided to join forces andexperience to organize the first 5 days expedition

race in Paraguay.


"Paraguay is a beautiful country, still very young,but eager to progress, full of extremely helpful people and lots of love for the sport, which commits me to accomplish that the race will be remembered for its beautiful landscapes, but above all for the excellent service you will receive as a runner, which will become the trademark of Expedition Guarani "